Excellent shipping

Ausgezeichneter Versand mit Descartes pixi

76% of all available orders were shipped within 24h.

This certificate was issued to:

Shop name: Warehouse One Shop URL: www.warehouse-one.de Address: Nürnberger Str. 23
40599 Düsseldorf
Phone: +49 (0) 211 74 96 37 0 Fax: +49 (0) 211 74 96 37 01 Email address: [email protected] Last test: 03.12.2023

This certificate for excellent shipping was created and verified by Descartes Systems (Germany) GmbH.

Confirmed by Dirk Haschke,
authorised signatory of Descartes Systems (Germany) GmbH

About our software for order processing

The e-commerce WMS pixi is an order fulfillment software that enables fast-growing online retailers, direct-to-consumer brands & 3PL providers worldwide to offer their customers an exceptional shopping experience.

With pixi, e-commerce companies optimise all warehouse and logistics processes, from barcode-based pick and pack processes in the warehouse, to order shipping and shipment tracking. By using this warehouse management system specialised for e-commerce, online retailers ensure fast dispatch speeds for all customer orders.

Your advantages as a customer of this online shop:

Daily automated check of the shipping speed

The “Dispatch within 24h” figure is automatically regenerated once a day, taking up to date metrics directly from the warehouse. With this, the retailer always gives you an insight into its current shipping speed.

Visibility of your shipment

By automatically updating the shipping speed, the retailer offers your total visibility into your order fulfillment journey. It’s a transparent commitment to delivering high quality service.

What does the certificate “Dispatch within 24h” mean?

The certificate “Dispatch within 24 hours” shows the percentage of orders that were dispatched within 24 hours after receipt of order or payment. The figure is automatically updated once a day. Orders where the items were not in stock do not count towards this metric. The “24 hours” starts at the receipt of the order (or, receipt of payment in the case of prepayment orders), and ends when the order has been handed to the shipping service provider. Only working days from Monday to Friday are counted as shipping days.

Stars on the pixi shipping badge are awarded as follows:

If, within the 24-hour window

  • more than 90% of orders are shipped – 5 stars
  • between 80% and 89% of orders are shipped – 4 stars
  • between 60% and 79% of orders are shipped – 3 stars
  • less than 60% of orders are shipped – 2 stars.
The calculation of the pixi shipping badge is not additionally verified by independent third parties.