Realise the benefits of Amazon Seller Fulfilled Prime and maximise your sales

Realise the benefits of Amazon Seller Fulfilled Prime and maximise your sales

Amazon Seller Fulfilled Prime is the fulfilment programme that allows you to deliver directly to domestic Prime customers, from your own warehouse. Simply ship your products from your warehouse with the Amazon Prime badge using Descartes' pixi* Warehouse Management Software (WMS) to increase sales and reduce costs.

Your products will be displayed in the Amazon Buy Box for improved ranking, greater visibility and more sales. Existing users have reported over a ten-fold increase in orders with reduced warehouse costs, bypassing the additional charges for storage at Amazon.

With pixi* WMS, Amazon Prime orders are automatically placed on a dedicated and optimised pick list. Orders can be picked and packed easily within the timeframe required by Amazon. pixi* also enables you to use Chaotic Stock process pioneered by Amazon for efficient and rapid picking.

With pixi* WMS and Amazon:

  • Prime orders are automatically imported into pixi* and are placed on a fully-optimised list for picking.
  • Employees can pick the goods in single or collective picking modes and add promotional materials to the order.
  • When all items of the order have been picked and packed, pixi* will automatically create the invoice.
  • By scanning the invoice and specifying the package size, pixi* asks for the shipping label from Amazon and prints it out on-site.
  • The order is available at Amazon's required cut-off time and you can look forward to a positive customer rating and further sales.

Find out how you can drive online orders via Amazon Seller Fulfilled Prime with Descartes pixi* WMS.

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