Blue is the new Orange

Blue is the new Orange

Have you noticed something? Exactly, pixi* has turned blue!

By ramping up the level of collaboration with our parent company, Descartes Systems Group, we were able to achieve a strong momentum of growth. In addition to the launch of pixi* in the UK, Benelux and North America, we were also able to build on our portfolio of e-commerce solutions. From now on, pixi* customers will benefit from cutting-edge Descartes products. This is the case for electronic data exchange via EDI, to identify new suppliers via market analysis tools. And also when planning, controlling and delivering courier, freight forwarders or dispatch service providers via routing solutions.

What are the reasons behind above mentioned activities? "Too many online retailers come to realize at some point down the line that their existing mail-order and warehouse management software can no longer match the growing demands. That's not what we have in mind for our customers. We want them to be in a position where they are able to achieve unlimited growth using pixi* - in domestic markets as well as internationally. We are continually expanding our existing solution portfolio with modern software solutions for online retailers," explains Vice President Gregor Walter.

The successful implementation of these powerful synergies between pixi* and Descartes has now been marked visually as well. "This is why we decided that the Descartes blue will be the new orange across our website," Gregor Walter continues to explain.

And, of course, the coming months will continue to bring exciting news - including the official name change of pixi* Software GmbH and the ongoing redesign.

Now we hope, that the "new" orange is as much to your liking as it is to ours!

If you want to find out more about our project "Blue, the new orange", watch our new video interview (in German language) with Gregor Walter and Dirk Haschke.

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