A pixi* success story – Dirndl.com & Kostüme.com

A pixi* success story – Dirndl.com & Kostüme.com

Online stores Kostüme.com and Dirndl.com - subsidiaries of Livario GmbH - offer a very varied range of more than 30,000 products. Since deployment of pixi* these online retailers have recorded immense growth in their logistical capabilities; while there are up to 40 times more parcels processed and dispatched per day, orders placed with Kostüme.com and Dirndl.com arrive now up to 5 time faster at a customer's door step.

The challenge pixi* had to overcome:

When founded in 2012, Kostüme.com had to face the challenge to process a growing number of customer orders without support of intelligent warehouse and fulfillment logistics - like so many other online stores to this day and date. In a time-consuming exercise, incoming orders had to be picked and processed individually before being transported from the storage location to the packing station. So it comes as no surprise, that with an increasing number of orders staff resource very quickly reached its limit.

"Using pixi* we are dispatching 4,000% more parcels this year and thanks to cutting delivery times by up to 500% per order, we enjoy improved customer satisfaction rates!"

Birgit Rackel, managing director at Livario GmbH: "We were aware of the great potential presented by our online store. However, we weren't able to exploit it due to the time-consuming processes we had in place. To offer you an example of our types of processes back then; all orders placed by advance payment were put on the floor to be picked and shipped only with receipt of payment. Nowadays, something like that would be simply unthinkable when looking at current order volume."

Overview of challenges in hand:

  • No transparency in terms of warehouse inventory and re-fill/re-ordering
  • No sales cycle statistics
  • Time consuming order-by-order picking
  • Limit of resource and capacities reached with increasing number of orders
  • Delayed deliveries with increasing number of orders

E-commerce WMS and fulfillment system requirements

First, in 2013 the merger of online stores Kostüme.com and Dirndl.com in the economical, technological, and logistical departments secured a year-round utilization of resources. And secondly, with deployment of the pixi* e-commerce WMS and fulfillment solution a consistent professionalization and optimization of all relevant processes was implemented.
Following items were the crucial targets set by the online stores when selecting the best match warehouse management system:

  • optimization of purchasing and warehouse logistics processes and the entire shipment processing cycle
  • professional and scalable solution equipped with the capabilities to grow with future order numbers and future demands

Project schedule coordinated with pixi*

Following a market research to identify the best befitting e-commerce WMS solution and on recommendation by the company's own head of development, who previously had gained good experiences working with pixi* on other projects, pixi* e-commerce WMS and fulfillment solution soon became first choice.
Within two months of the first contact with a pixi* sales associate the online stores could rely on the smooth running of all shipping processes.

Success achieved with the pixi* e-commerce WMS and fulfillment solution

Implementing pixi* the online stores Dirndl.com and Kostüme.com were able to automate, professionalize and simplify their entire shipment process cycle. pixi* takes care of all the relevant areas from day-to-day purchasing to shipment processing, as well as payments processing and the payments reminder mechanism.
Thanks to simple and intuitive processes the staff at Dirndl.com and Kostüme.com has been enabled to manage the day-to-day shipping business on their own accord; while the management team has more time on their hands to evaluate the all-important strategic decisions.



A pixi* success story – Dirndl.com & Kostüme.com

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